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Cryo Cuff Units and Pads - We sell Aircast, Donjoy and Breg Systems

Cold therapy is a widely used non-invasive method to treat and cure swelling and pain. It helps speed up recovery by reducing the rehabilitation time. A Cryo cuff ice machine unit is a well known cold compression device that aids in quick recovery from the pain and swelling of inflamed joints such as the shoulder, ankle, back, ankle, and knee. Cryo cuff units help in pain management to recover from the trauma of a post-operative surgery (post-op) or a sports injury.

Just wrap a pad on the tender joints and the cold water, that circulates from the cooler into the cuff provides pain relief by applying cold compression required to release stress around joint muscles. Different brands use this compression therapy using their own patented technologies and have different pricing. The IC units keep water cold from 6 to 8 hours as opposed to gel packs which remain cold for a short period of time. 


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Aircast Cryo/Cuff For Back/Hip/Rib with Cooler (Non-Motorized Kit)

Designed to give maximum relief from swelling, inflammation, pain and swollen joints. Cooling effect helps ease the pain.Fast Shipping!
$179.99 $177.87

Aircast Cryo/Cuff For Elbow With Cooler (Non Motorized Kit)

Used to give maximum relief for elbow from swelling, inflammation, pain and swollen joints.Best Priced Kit in Market.
$179.99 $177.87

Aircast Cryo/Cuff For Hand and Wrist with Cooler (Non Motorized Kit)

Provide cold therapy treatment to Hand and Wrist to relieve swelling and pain post surgery. Use cryo therapy to heal pain faster.

Aircast Cryo/Cuff For Hip/Back with Cooler (Motorized Kit)

Perfect for post operation conditions and sports injuries.
$194.00 $220.00

Aircast Cryo/Cuff For Large Foot with Cooler (Non Motorized Kit)

Suffering from Swollen foot, pain and hemarthrosis; time to use Foot Cryo/Cuff with cooler.
$179.99 $200.00

Aircast Hand/Wrist Cryo Cuff Only

Aircast Hand/Wrist Cuff Only Aircast
$99.99 $113.96

Aircast Strap,Torso Shoulder Cryo/Cuff (Shoulder Strap Only)

Product is designed to give maximum relief from swelling, inflammation, pain and swollen joints
$35.99 $12.32

Aircast-Pediatric Ankle Cryo/Cuff

For Kids between ages: 1 Years to 7 Years
$94.99 $107.80

Breg Universal Liner

Insulation Pad or Universal Liner for Breg Kodiak System

Polar Care Glacier

Enjoy upto 13 hours of cold therapy with this cold therapy system which is apt for both personal and hospital use.

NOTE: This is a Special Order Item and needs 7-8 business days for delivery.

Polar Ice Gel Pack 10" X12"

The Polar Ice Gel Packs can be used as a cold or warm compress. You can freeze and use as a long-lasting pack and may be contoured to the body when frozen.
$8.00 $10.40

Swede-O Joint Wrap Cold Compression Therapy Pack

Compression therapy pack, Swede-O Joint Wrap by Anatech

Y Adapter (Breg Kodiak System Cold Therapy)

Y connector for the Breg Kodiak System helps in attaching 2 cuffs to single cooler for providing therapy to both the knees simultaneously .

Aircast Cryo Cuff Knee with Gravity Cooler (Non-Motorized Kit)

Knee Cryo Cuff plus gravity cooler from Aircast is designed to provide cold therapy to the affected area to minimize pain and swelling from post-op surgery or knee injuries.
$179.99 $177.87

Ice It Cold Comfort Extra Large

This therapy system is comfortable and secure fit. This aid provides maximum therapeutic benefit.
$76.80 $99.84

Aircast Shoulder Cuff W/Cooler,Xlstrap

Aircast Shoulder Cuff W/Cooler,Xlstrap Aircast
$175.70 $193.27

Aircast Foot Cryo/Cuff with Cooler (Motorized Kit)

Cold water therapy and compression on focal points helps reduce the pain and swelling with this Motorized Foot Cryo Cuff Unit
$194.00 $220.00

Aircast Shoulder Cuff Only W/Xl Strap

Aircast Shoulder Cuff Only W/Xl Strap Aircast
$112.00 $123.20

Aircast Thigh Cryo Cuff with IC Cooler (Motorized)

Buy this unit to recover from thigh strains and pains. You can detach this cuff from the IC cooler and still get the full benefit of your recovery.
$194.00 $210.99

Aircast Thigh Cryo Cuff Only

Aircast Thigh Cryo Cuff. Heal and get rid of your thigh pain, helps in faster recovery.
$103.60 $113.96

Aircast Univ. Quick Fit Shoulder Immob.

Aircast Univ. Quick Fit Shoulder Immob. Aircast
$77.00 $84.70

Wrap On Polar Shoulder Pad

Wrap on Polar pad to be used with the Polar Care Glacier system

Ice It Knee

Ice it knee helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation or swelling and relaxing muscle spasms.
$72.00 $93.60

Wrap On Polar Ankle Pad

Wrap on Polar pad to be used with the Polar Care Glacier system