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Dyna Gel Heel Sock

Dyna Gel Heel Socks is a fantastic solution for addressing dry and calloused heels. The gel encapsulation provides a barrier to prevent further dehydration while promoting natural re-moisturization for already dry heels. Plus, the ventilation holes and antimicrobial ingredients make them not only comfortable but also hygienic to wear. With retail packaging and one pair per box, they seem like a convenient and effective product for maintaining healthy heels.

CAD $29.60 CAD $22.60

Dyna Gel Sport Heel Sock

Dyna Gel Sport Heel Sock is like a solution for preventing and treating dry, calloused heels, especially for those who frequently wear open-heel footwear. The combination of soft gel and nylon sock seems like it would provide both comfort and stability, which is important for active users. And the fact that it comes in retail packaging with one pair per box makes it convenient for consumers to purchase.

CAD $22.40 CAD $17.40

Dynamic Heel Offloading Shoe

Dynamic Heel Offloading Shoe is similar to the Post Op Shoe but has an added feature to reduce pressure on the heel. This design aids faster healing after surgery and lessens walking stress.

CAD $150.60 CAD $115.60

Heel Cushion

Heel Cushion is a accessory for those who are seeking for extra comfort and support for their feet, particularly in shoes that might lack sufficient padding. These cushions typically provide a soft, shock-absorbing layer under the heel, which can help alleviate discomfort from walking or standing for extended periods. With 10 pairs per pack, it sounds like you'll have an ample supply to keep your feet feeling comfortable for quite some time.

CAD $63.80 CAD $48.80

Heel Spur with Arch J Bar

Heel Spur with Arch J Bar comes in packs of five pairs. It's a special support device made to help people with heel spurs and similar foot problems feel better.

CAD $53.00 CAD $41.00

Intercept Heel Cushion

Intercept Heel Cushion sounds like a solution for addressing heel pain and Achilles problems. Its design seems focused on both shock absorption and providing support to alleviate irritation in the heel and Achilles tendon. By lifting the heel and shortening the Achilles tendon, it likely helps to reduce strain and discomfort in those areas. This could be especially beneficial for individuals who experience heel pain due to conditions like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendinitis.

CAD $48.20 CAD $37.20

Intercept Heel Spur Pad

Crafted for diverse heel spur intensities, the Intercept Heel Spur Pad provides relief from minor to moderate cases. Ingeniously designed with raised edges for heel support, it facilitates normal walking by lifting the foot off the spur. The hollowing ensures extra cushioning, soothing the calcaneus precisely where the spur strikes. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace each step with unparalleled ease.

CAD $48.20 CAD $37.20

Luga Heel Spur Cushions with Removable Cavity

Luga Heel Spur Cushions with Removable Cavity has a removable cut-out that lets you place the painful spur directly into it. This helps to relieve pressure on the troublesome calcaneal spur, especially in severe cases. The cushion also helps distribute your body weight away from the sore spot. It's sold in pairs.

CAD $56.80 CAD $43.80