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Products tagged with 'Knee Support'

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Coolcel Infrapatellar Strap

Coolcel Infrapatellar Strap sounds like a useful product for addressing knee pain and providing support during physical activities. The design, with its focus on increasing tension on the infrapatellar tendon and stabilizing the patella, seems well thought out. The rubber tube buttress to concentrate corrective force is a clever addition for targeted support, and the Velcro closure makes it convenient to adjust for personalized comfort. The fact that it's available in black only might limit some aesthetic preferences, but the functionality is what really matters.

CAD $67.90 CAD $51.90

Coolcel Jumper’s Knee Brace

Coolcel Jumper’s Knee Brace by Ortho Active, a cutting-edge solution for knee support. Crafted with precision, it offers compression, warmth, and unparalleled support. The innovative design features superior and inferior straps alleviating tension on patellar tendons, while removable patellar buttresses aid in tracking. Spiral stays provide stability and lateral support, all in breathable, latex-free Coolcel material.

CAD $115.80

Coolcel Wrap Hinged Knee Brace

Coolcel Wrap Hinged Knee Brace is crafted with Coolcel, a latex-free alternative to Neoprene. This breathable material ensures that users can experience the support they need without compromising on comfort or exposing themselves to latex-related concerns. Providing an extra layer of assurance for those navigating knee-related concerns. The stabilizer complements the overall design, contributing to the brace's effectiveness in delivering comprehensive knee support.

CAD $207.90 CAD $159.90

Djo Donjoy Telescoping IROM

Djo Donjoy Telescoping IROM simplifies this process with an easily sizeable and customizable fit. No more wrestling with intricate adjustments or struggling to find the right fit. This brace puts the power in the hands of healthcare professionals, allowing them to effortlessly size and custom fit the brace to each patient's unique requirements.

CAD $582.35 CAD $448.35

Djo Cryo/Cuff Gravity Cooler with Knee Cryo/Cuff

Djo Cryo/Cuff Gravity Cooler with Knee Cryo/Cuff extends beyond its immediate pairing. The cooler, available for separate purchase, is designed to be used with any Cryo/Cuff model. This versatility is a nod to the ever-evolving landscape of orthopedic care, acknowledging that individual needs may vary, but the therapeutic benefits of the cooler remain constant.

CAD $239.99 CAD $183.99

Djo Donjoy Adjustable Patella Donut

Djo Donjoy Adjustable Patella Donut provides full-circumference patellar control with a trimmable buttress for conditions like chondromalacia and patellar tendonitis, offering targeted knee cap support.

CAD $112.25 CAD $92.25

Djo Donjoy Competitor

Djo Donjoy Competitor, convenient dial-in adjustment allows for precise control of flexion or extension settings, facilitating early mobilization. Whether the patient is at the initial stages of recovery or progressing towards more advanced movement, this feature ensures that the brace adapts to their evolving needs. This isn't just a support; it's a companion in the dynamic process of rehabilitation.

CAD $375.49 CAD $288.49

Djo Donjoy Deluxe Elastic Knee

The Djo Donjoy Deluxe Elastic Knee Brace, available in beige or white, is constructed with lightweight, breathable, elastic cotton. Featuring a sewn-in silicone donut for comprehensive patellar stabilization, this brace offers closed patella support and single spiral stays for medial and lateral support. Designed to effectively address mild patella discomfort, it ensures comfort and support during recovery.

CAD $106.92 CAD $89.10