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Sports Ankle Injuries

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Sports Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are common for both the weekend warrior and the professional athlete. Sprained ankle is one of the most common sports injuries. An ankle sprain is caused by sudden starts, stop and twisting of the ankle. Swelling, bruising and the inability to push off the ankle are the main symptoms. Treatment includes icing, taping and bracing. Do not walk off these injuries and treat them with the right kind of ankle brace. 

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Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC Cooler with Ankle Cuff

The versatility of the Djo Cryo/Cuff IC Cooler extends beyond the ankle. The Aircast Knee Cryo/Cuff can seamlessly integrate with this system, offering a comprehensive solution for knee injuries. Whether used alone as a Cryo/Cuff or in conjunction with a Motorized or a non-Motorized Cooler, the system adapts to the diverse needs of orthopedic care.

CAD $240.20 CAD $189.99

Aircast-Pediatric Ankle Cryo/Cuff

For Kids between ages: 1 Years to 7 Years

CAD $107.80 CAD $94.99

Djo Aircast Air-Stirrup Light (White)

Djo Aircast Air-Stirrup Light (White) provides superior cushioning for injured ankles. Universal semi-rigid shells prevent further injury while allowing normal ambulation; foam padding and distal aircell increase comfort.

CAD $80.08 CAD $82.91

Djo Aircast Pediatric Ankle Cryo/Cuff

Experience unparalleled care for your little ones with the Djo Aircast Pediatric Ankle Cryo/Cuff. Specially crafted for ages 1 to 7, this cuff provides targeted compression and cold therapy, minimizing ankle swelling and pain.

CAD $113.96 CAD $103.60

Djo Cryo/Cuff Gravity Cooler with Ankle Cryo/Cuff

Experience the pinnacle of cold therapy and targeted compression with Djo Cryo/Cuff Gravity Cooler with Ankle Cryo/Cuff. Our Gravity Cooler seamlessly integrates chilled water delivery with anatomically precise cuffs for optimal recovery.

CAD $237.99 CAD $182.99

Djo Procare Maxtrax 2.0 Air Tall

The Djo Procare Maxtrax 2.0 Air Tall isn't just a walking boot; it's a testament to the evolution of orthopedic care. It understands that healing is a personalized journey, and one size does not fit all. With its innovative features, this walking boot transforms the rehabilitation landscape, providing individuals with a holistic healing experience.

CAD $231.96

Web Ankle Support Brace (Convertible support brace)

High Tech Spacer Material Padding wicks moisture away from foot. Universal Fit allows use on right or left ankle.

CAD $48.51 CAD $44.10

Ankle Sleeve (Latex Free,ankle sprain)

A high compression sleeve that provides support to the ligament and stabilizes the joint

CAD $60.00

Cramer Excel Ankle Support

Cramer Excel Ankle Support – Black (Xs – Xxl) Anatech

CAD $52.00 CAD $48.75

Compex Bionic Ankle Brace

Compex Bionic Ankle for ultimate stability and maximum level of support

CAD $56.00

Compex Trizone Ankle

Unleash the power of advanced technology and ergonomic design with the Compex Trizone Ankle Support. Perfectly crafted for athletes, this ankle support integrates three compression zones and precision silicone bands, delivering unparalleled performance and support with every step.

CAD $55.40 CAD $42.40

DonJoy Velocity Ankle Support (LIGHT SUPPORT)

Pain and injury free solution for ankles. Recommended for people who are active in sports and outdoors.

CAD $75.87 CAD $63.64

Djo Donjoy Velocity ES (Extra Support)

Experience the evolution of ankle brace technology with Donjoy Velocity ES, a game-changer in ankle injury prevention and treatment. Innovative features and unmatched performance redefine ankle support for athletes.

CAD $161.38 CAD $124.38

Djo Procare Elastic Ankle Support

The Djo Procare Elastic Ankle Support is expertly crafted from durable, breathable cotton elastic. Its pull-on design, with an open heel, offers mild compression and support. This support is ideal for addressing mild ankle sprains and strains, managing edema, and providing relief for osteoarthritis. Stay comfortably supported and maintain optimal ankle function with this dependable elastic ankle support.

CAD $32.00 CAD $15.70

Djo Procare Mesh Heel/Elbow Protector

The Djo Procare Mesh Heel/Elbow Protector is designed for comfort and protection. It features a knitted stretch stockinette and a covered comfort pad. It can be used on the heel, elbow, or knee. The protectors have a one-size-fits-all design and are sold in pairs. They keep sensitive areas comfortable and safe during healing.

CAD $36.80 CAD $26.80

Djo Procare Ankle Sleeve

The Djo Procure Ankle Sleeve is a simple and effective solution for people who need support and comfort for mild ankle sprains or soft tissue injuries. It is a neoprene sleeve, about 1/8" thick, that provides warmth and compression to the ankle. It is easy to put on and take off, making it convenient for anyone who needs ankle support.

CAD $65.40 CAD $42.40

Djo Procare Xceltrax Tall

The Djo Procare Xceltrax Tall is a helpful and versatile medical device that provides support to people who have lower leg and foot injuries or conditions. It is designed to be lightweight and shaped to fit the body. It provides comfort and support to patients. This device can aid in the recovery process by ensuring that patients heal more effectively.

CAD $96.00 CAD $75.00

Djo Donjoy DuraSoft Universal Wrap

Donjoy Dura Soft Universal Wrap is a valuable tool for individuals recovering from surgery or injuries, as well as for those seeking pain relief, edema reduction, and prevention of secondary tissue injury. Its universal design and ability to penetrate surgical dressings make it a versatile and convenient choice for cold therapy on various body parts.

CAD $62.90 CAD $46.90

Djo Regeneration OL1000

The Djo Regeneration OL1000 is a portable, battery-powered medical device designed for the noninvasive treatment of established nonunion fractures acquired as a result of trauma. It is indicated for use in the noninvasive treatment of nonunion fractures resulting from trauma. The OL1000 Bone Growth Stimulator has shown promise in pre-clinical studies by helping initiate the body's natural healing process. It has been associated with high success rates, with clinical studies reporting success rates of up to 89%.

CAD $5,212.29

Djo Procare DS Ankle Wrap

The Djo Procare DS Ankle Wrap is a medical product designed to provide support and compression for various ankle conditions and injuries. It can provide support and compression for individuals recovering from mild ankle sprains and strains. The wrap may offer support and compression to individuals with osteoarthritis in the ankle, which is a degenerative joint condition.

CAD $72.10 CAD $49.10

Djo Procare Excelerator Stirrup Ankle Splint

The Djo Procare Excelerator Stirrup Ankle Splint is a medical device designed to provide support and stabilization for the ankle joint. It is a versatile device that can be used to address various ankle-related issues, whether they are acute injuries or chronic conditions. However, individuals should use this splint under the guidance of a healthcare professional who can assess the specific needs of the patient and provide appropriate instructions for wear.

CAD $71.60 CAD $53.60

Djo Procare Surround Gel Ankle

The Djo Procare Surround Gel Ankle is a medical device designed to provide support and therapeutic benefits to the ankle. The combination of rigid thermoplastic shells, an adjustable heel strap, and the inclusion of an air and gel bladder for cold therapy makes this ankle support an effective and versatile solution for a range of ankle injuries and conditions. It aims to provide stability and comfort while also addressing inflammation and swelling. Proper fitting and use of this device should be guided by a healthcare professional to ensure its effectiveness in promoting ankle recovery and rehabilitation.

CAD $58.00

Djo Procare Lace-Up Ankle Brace

The Djo Procare Lace-Up Ankle Brace is a sturdy canvas stirrup design with removable plastic medial/lateral stays, offering support for acute ankle ligament sprains and chronic instabilities. Its versatile design fits comfortably into any athletic shoe, providing essential support for a range of ankle conditions. Ideal for those seeking reliable ankle support and comfort during the recovery process.

CAD $82.30 CAD $60.30

Djo Procare Double Strap Ankle Support

The Djo Procare Double Strap Ankle Support offers durable mesh and elastic construction, providing compressive support without limiting movement. Featuring low-profile elastic contact closure figure-eight straps, it offers both medial/lateral and arch support without adding bulk. This versatile support can fit on either foot and is ideal for mild ankle sprains, strains, edema control, tendonitis, and addressing medial/lateral instabilities. It's a reliable solution for various ankle conditions, delivering the support and comfort needed for recovery.

CAD $82.30 CAD $60.30