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Home and Safety is essential not only for our seniors but also to create a safe home environment for everyone in the house. These are innovative products that make life easier daily.

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Alimed® Bed Sensor Pad with Voice Alarm

This alarm alerts the vare giver when the patient exits the bed. Convinient and comfortable to use.
$136.00 $176.80

Angled Measuring Cup

$17.60 $22.88

Bariatric 3 Position Recliner

3 Position Heavy Duty Bariatric Geri Chair Recliner Extra Wide
$1,511.26 $1,945.00

Bariatric Bedpan

Bariatric bedpan by Medline

Bariatric Electric Patient Lift with Removable, Rechargeable Battery 1 c/s

Bariatric Battery Powered Patient Lift with Rechargeable, Removable Battery
$5,364.44 $5,610.50

Bariatric Lift Electric, Homecare Style 1 c/s

Bariatric Battery-Powered Lift
$4,381.87 $4,598.99

Bath Lift

This bath lift makes getting in and out the bath easier,simpler and safer.
$959.98 $1,247.98

Bathtub Lift White Blue Cover

Bathtub Lift White Blue Cover Medline
$1,200.00 $959.10

BattleCreek® BedWarmer

Bed Warmer to keep you cozy throughout the night!
$121.60 $158.08

Bed Bariatric Full Electric

Bed Bariatric Full Electric Medline
$1,856.12 $2,041.73

Bed Light

This is a LED flex strip light that provides comfort and safety in your home. Provides soft and warm light.
$99.20 $128.96

Bed Light - Deluxe ( 2 motion sensors)

Beddlite deluxe provides a soft light when someone steps out of the bed. Provides safety and comfort.
$124.80 $162.24

Bed Pan

$16.00 $20.80

Bed Pan Fracture 6 -Cs

Bed Pan Fracture 6 -Cs Medline
$157.15 $172.86

Bed Pan Pontoon

Bed Pan Pontoon Medline
$212.39 $233.63