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Caya by Kessel

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Caya Contoured Diaphragm was developed by Kessel in 2014 and with time has become number one in todays women's choice.

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Caya Contoured Diaphragm - Purple Dome Shaped Contraceptive

Caya contoured diaphragm is a high quality medical device used by women. A diaphragm is a contraceptive device placed inside the vagina that blocks sperm from entering the uterus. It is made of silicone and contains a purple dome-shaped cup with a flexible rim. The caya diaphragm is held in place by a small, spring-like coil and used with spermicide.

Caya Contoured Diaphragm From Canada

Caya contoured diaphragm is a high-quality and healthier device used by women. It is hormone free and has no side effects such as weight gain and migraines.

Caya Gel 60gm

Caya Contraceptive Gel for use with silicone diaphragms. Fast and quick delivery from Canada to United States.
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